Nagurayama “Nigori Ginjo”
Nagurayama “Nigori Ginjo”
Premium nigori—creamy and delicious!

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Fleetingly sweet and aromatic at first sip, with the supple, smooth mouthfeel found only in the best premium nigoris. Perfectly balanced, creamy and delicious.

Fukushima Prefecture


Nagurayama Brewing Company
Nagurayama Brewing Company

Nagurayama Brewing Company

Fukushima Prefecture


Nagurayama Brewing Company is located in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture, from antiquity one of Japan’s most famous brewing centres, and has produced ginjo sake since 1973. Fukushima won more gold awards than any other prefecture at the 2018 Japan National Sake Appraisal.

Nagurayama “Nigori Ginjo”

Technical Specifications

Classification: Speciality (Deluxe Nigori)
Rice variety: Yume no Kaori
Yeast: Kirameki
Brewing method: Sokujo


polishing ratio







Serving recommendations

Drink cold. Perfect with tofu dishes. Goes well with Near Eastern mezze and Indian dal and curries. Enhances vegan cuisine.

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