Akitabare “Koshiki Junzukuri”
Akitabare “Koshiki Junzukuri”
Pleasingly dry and quite mild, a well-crafted traditional sake

Northern Skies

Akitabare is the kind of sake one can drink enjoyably for hours at a stretch. Its subdued, understated refinement evokes a sense of the northern province where it is meticulously brewed.

Akita Prefecture


Akita Brewing Company
Akita Brewing Company

Akita Brewing Company

Akita Prefecture


Akitabare is brewed in the northern Tohoku region, in an area with the highest per-capita sake consumption in Japan. The brewery takes pride in its traditional methods, allowing fermentation to proceed at low temperatures for up to 25 days before pressing. The result is a family of clean, pared-down sakes with excellent balance and structure. Much of the work is done by hand in small lots, and some of the equipment has been in continuous use for nearly a century.

Akitabare “Koshiki Junzukuri”

Technical Specifications

Classification: Junmai
Rice variety: Gin no Sei
Yeast: Akita Konno No.12
Brewing method: Sokujo


polishing ratio







Serving recommendations

Goes best with seafood and vegetable dishes simply prepared, including tempura. Mild and dry, it also stands up quite well to spicy appetisers. Keep under refrigeration after purchase and serve cold.

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