Masumi “Origarami” label
Masumi “Origarami”
Zesty sparkle, with a savoury twist

Sparkling Origarami

Fermented in the bottle and sold unfiltered “on-the-lees,” Origarami combines crisp bubbles and wine-like acidity with the savoury umami richness of sake.

Nagano Prefecture


Masumi “Origarami” bottle
Miyasaka Brewing Company

Miyasaka Brewing Company

Nagano Prefecture


Masumi is one of the great names of the sake world, admired throughout Japan for its unshakable down-to-earth reliability. The brewery where it is made was founded in 1662 in the town of Suwa, where a tradition of precision craftsmanship had led to the development of the silk spinning trade. Masumi achieved great prominence in 1946 with the discovery of a new yeast variety, “Nanago” or Association No. 7. With its gentle aroma and ease of use Nanago continues to be used by over half of the breweries in Japan.

Masumi “Origarami” label

Technical Specifications

Classification: Speciality (Sparkling)
Rice variety: Yamadanishiki
Yeast: N/A
Brewing method: Sokujo


polishing ratio







Serving recommendations

Pour chilled. A zesty companion for sashimi, fresh vegetables and young cheese. Pairs naturally with miso-cured or marinated dishes.

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