Masumi “Arabashiri”
Masumi “Arabashiri”
Savoury, with lilting acidity and big flavour

First Run

Freshness and vigour drive straight through to a crisp, clean finish. Savoury notes add to the enjoyment. Made with No. 7 yeast, discovered in 1946 at Masumi’s brewery in Suwa.

Nagano Prefecture


Miyasaka Brewing Company

Miyasaka Brewing Company

Nagano Prefecture


Masumi is one of the great names of the sake world, admired throughout Japan for its unshakable down-to-earth reliability. The brewery where it is made was founded in 1662 in the town of Suwa, where a tradition of precision craftsmanship had led to the development of the silk spinning trade. Masumi achieved great prominence in 1946 with the discovery of a new yeast variety, “Nanago” or Association No. 7. With its gentle aroma and ease of use Nanago continues to be used by over half of the breweries in Japan.

Masumi “Arabashiri”

Technical Specifications

Classification: Nama Junmai Ginjo
Rice variety: Sankeinishiki, Hitogokochi
Yeast: Masumi No.7 (proprietary)
Brewing method: Sokujo


polishing ratio







Serving recommendations

“Arabashiri” pairs well with robust foods—even Cuban and Brazilian fare. Important: “Arabashiri” is nama, or unpasteurised. Keep refrigerated at all times and serve chilled.

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