Sweet and smooth, like a Speyside single malt

Land of Plenty

A classic rice shochu from the Kyushu heartland. Exceptionally smooth and mellow, Toyonaga has a sweet meadowland flavour, reminiscent of Speyside single malts.

Kumamoto Prefecture


Toyonaga bottle
Toyonaga Distilling Company

Toyonaga Distilling Company

Kumamoto Prefecture


The Hitoyoshi plateau in Kumamoto Prefecture, blessed with ideal conditions for rice cultivation, has been a shochu centre for over five hundred years. Here, in the town of Yunomae near the headwaters of the Kuma River, Shiro Toyonaga and his fellow workers produce a rice shochu like no other, gently fragrant, elegantly smooth and with a sweet meadowland flavour reminiscent of Speyside single malts. Uses 100% organic rice.


Technical Specifications

Classification: Rice Shochu
Rice variety: Yamadanishiki, Saikai No.134
Alcohol: 24–25%

Serving recommendations

At 24%, Toyonaga can be sipped straight but is usually blended at a 6:4 ratio with water. Equally delicious warmed, at room temperature or over ice.

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