Yama no Mori
Yama no Mori
Clarity and refinement from Japan’s oldest barley shochu

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Made from 1/3 rice and 2/3 barley, this shochu possesses exceptional clarity and refinement. It is distilled on Iki Island, where barley shochu originated over 400 years ago.

Nagasaki Prefecture


Yama no Mori Distilling Company

Yama no Mori Distilling Company

Nagasaki Prefecture


Step under the eaves of the Yama no Mori distillery and you step into another time. The giant earthenware fermentation vats sunk into the earthen floor have not moved in a hundred years. Yama no Mori is the oldest distillery on Iki Island, and Iki is where barley shochu started in the 16th century. In feudal times the Hirado clan ruled with an iron hand and seized the island’s entire rice harvest as tribute. The islanders ate barley, and mastered the technique of making shochu from this humble ingredient.

Yama no Mori

Technical Specifications

Classification: Barley Shochu
Alcohol: 25%

Serving recommendations

In restaurants barley shochu is usually served on the rocks or diluted with water in a 6:4 ratio. With meals, shochu goes best with hearty izakaya (tavern) fare like broiled fish, grilled beef, simmered vegetables and, above all, oden.

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