Tamagawa “Time Machine”
Tamagawa “Time Machine”
Sweet, savoury and full of umami goodness

Heirloom Amber Sake

Delightfully sweet with hints of molasses and dried fruit, “Time Machine” is brewed following a method recorded in 1712. Loads of umami, natural organic acids and sugars—just like sakes 300 years ago.

Kyoto Prefecture


Kinoshita Brewing Company
Kinoshita Brewing Company

Kinoshita Brewing Company

Kyoto Prefecture


Kinoshita Brewing Company, established in 1842, produces sakes that are richly flavoured and crisp-drinking. Since 2008 they have been made under the direction of Philip Harper, the only non-Japanese toji in Japan.

Tamagawa “Time Machine”

Technical Specifications

Classification: Speciality (Dessert Sake)
Rice variety: Kitanishiki
Yeast: Ambient House Yeast
Brewing method: Kimoto


polishing ratio







Serving recommendations

A superb aperitif or dessert wine. Great with ice cream and desserts, but also with bleu cheese, salty pickled Japanese delicacies and pâté.

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