Sohomare “Tokubetsu Kimoto”
Sohomare “Tokubetsu Kimoto”
Crisp and flavourful, with punch

Heart and Soul

Contemporary rendition of ancient kimoto style. Soulfully drinkable with plenty of acidity and ample umami—all in perfect harmony. Made with Yamadanishiki, Japan’s finest sake-brewing rice.

Tochigi Prefecture


Sohomare Sake Brewery
Sohomare Sake Brewery

Sohomare Sake Brewery

Tochigi Prefecture


Rich, expressive flavour, genteel clarity and balance—these are the characteristics of sakes from Sohomare, established by the Kono family in 1872. Unusually, Sohomare uses “Designation A” Yamadanishiki rice not only for its premium “Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo” but for its Tokubetsu Kimoto and “Karakuchi” junmai labels as well.

Sohomare “Tokubetsu Kimoto”

Technical Specifications

Classification: Junmai
Rice variety: Yamadanishiki
Yeast: Association No.6, No.7, No.1401
Brewing method: Kimoto


polishing ratio







Serving recommendations

Delicious cold or warmed. Goes well with uni, chutoro tuna, Spanish ham and goat cheese.

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